Target V: Global Impact

Sorority members will implement the UNA-USA Global Classrooms Project to prepare today's youth for an increasingly global and complex society. Alpha Kappa Alpha members will work in partnership with the UNA-USA (United Nations Association) to expand understanding of the UN, its mission and focus. A biennial Intergenerational Model U.N. Conference will be convened.

Through its renewed Africare partnership, Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapters will implement youth hunger initiatives on the continent of Africa.

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Provide basic school supplies for a child’s school term.

Provide a hygiene kit for one child in a local village.


Train a pump mechanic to maintain a community water well.

Purchase two banners to promote awareness of the HIV & AIDS pandemic.


Purchase foods that promote general health at monthly Nutrition Fairs.

Purchase 84 bottles of water purifier for families with children under 5.


Purchase mosquito nets for nine vulnerable children to prevent malaria.

Purchase products for four enriched-porridge cooking demonstrations.


Cover vocational school tuition for one out- of-school youth.

Purchase 10 shovels to rehabilitate one kilometer of impassable roads in three communities.


Provide 50 orphans and vulnerable children with health insurance for a year.

Our Goal $500:

Erect a spring catchment well to provide clean water to 250 people.


Help with the construction of a community dam for irrigation in rural communities.


Rehabilitate a Community School or provide school support, (uniforms, shoes, exam fees, tuition, uniform etc.) for orphans and vulnerable children.


Empower 50 women through adult literacy classes.

Erect a hand-pump water well for 500 people.

Africare Donation goal

Collected: $10.00
Goal: $500.00
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